The Ground

I'm glad the ground is there,
For I would never dare
To go out anywhere
If the ground wasn't there.

I'd be stuck inside all day
Couldn't go outside and play.
I would surely have to stay
Inside my house all day.

I would be stuck in place
A silly look on my face.
Couldn't even leave a trace
If I couldn't leave my place.

I could not attend
A wedding for my friend.
Would simply have to spend
All my time shut in.

I couldn't go out and shop
For peaches or a mop.
Life would be a flop
If I couldn't go out and shop.

Seems rather juvenile
If I couldn't run a mile
Or wrestle a crocodile.
The ground makes me smile.

It would make me sick
If I couldn't jump and kick,
Go uptown for a flick,
Or simply use a pogo stick.

It would make me hotter
If I were to be a squatter,
Never be a globe trotter,
Or a seagoing yachter.

But I can be a scout
Or simply a gadabout.
Go uptown for sauerkraut
Or just stay home and pout.

I won't be afraid
To go on an escapade,
Dig a hole with a spade,
Or go on a panty raid.

I can be an acrobat,
Have a spot for my doormat,
Chase our little kitty cat,
Show you where I've been at.

I'm glad the ground is there,
Not be stuck with solitaire.
It would really be unfair
If the ground wasn't there.

It holds me up, I have found,
Gives footing sure and sound.
I'm so thankful for the ground
So I can always get around.


Our bodies have very special wrappers
With tiny little one-way flappers.
There are millions in our skin.
Water gets out, but never in.

I sweat buckets if it's hot.
If it's cold, then I do not.
Every time that I warm up,
Then I tend to puddle up.

If I'm hot, my flappers flip
And my skin starts to drip.
But you know, if I get cold,
Then my flappers start to fold.

What, then, if my flapperstat
Forgot how hot to open at.
I would swell up like a hog
If I had a water clog.

It would rust my flooded tummy.
My bones would be all wet and gummy!
My brain would float inside my head.
I'd be sold as a waterbed!

If my sweat could not get out,
My nose would be a water spout.
My feet would look like porky pies.
fish would swim inside my eyes!

My belt would bust from my big belly
And I would walk like jiggly jelly.
My arms would be like ballpark franks.
My behind as big as Sherman tanks.

But ... if my flappers wouldn't close,
I would leak like a garden hose.
My insides would turn to dust.
My ... I don't want to think about it!

Act Like a Man

Daddy says I
should act like a man.
I will try daddy but
That's a big chore
for a young boy like me
who is only four ...
Russell Daily - "Rusty"
and wife, Kathleen

My Long-Time Friend, "Rusty" Daily


Papaws are pretty special
‘cause they have lots of time
to read me Barbie stories
and poems with lots of rhyme.

Papaw has a very special book
his friend had signed for me.
Papaw says that sig-na-choor
shows CJ’s love for me. 

I ‘specially like the one ‘bout heaven
and the windows in the sky.
That’s where gramma lives
Papaw, Why is it so high?

Poem's about sandboxes and band aids.
Everyone of them are neat.
‘Specially the funniest one
‘bout brother’s stinky feet. 

Sometimes Papaw falls asleep
long before I do. (he’s old)
I get a blanket for my Papaw
so he won’t get too cold. (he’s really old) 

My Papaw’s pretty lucky
‘cause when I learn to read
I’m reading to my Papaw
‘cause my Papaw reads to me.

Hey!  Mr. Sandman

Hey!  Mr. Sandman
I'm waiting for you.
I've been awake
for an hour or two.

My sheets are all crumpled
from tossin' and turnin'.
My eyes are all red
and itchin' and burnin'.

When I called you last night
you buried me deep
in a mountain of sandy,
stretch-yawny sleep!

Hey!  Mr. Sandman,
you have one minute more?
I'll leave my mouth open,
if you just make me snore.

You think you're smart?
Ok!  Have it your way ...
I'll think about the girl
that I met today.

Bubble Ducky

I jumped in the tub
to wash the dirt off my skin.

My rubber duck said,
"Are you out of your head?
My down is already in."

So I waited about
for him to get out
and he splashed and dove for the soap.

But he's got only wings
to pick up his things,
so he swallowed it up like a dope.

He said with a quack,
"Will you please wash my back?"
but I laughed at my fine feathered craft

'cause my poor ducky chum
was looking real dumb
blowing bubbles, both fore, and aft.

Dishwasher Licking Machine

When I'm done with supper
I want my dishes clean
So I give them to my furry
dish washing machine

I put every one of my plates
on the kitchen floor
He makes them sparkly-shiny
and whines around for more

He never licks my forks or knives
a cut he might incur
I just soak them in his dish
and wipe them on his fur

Dessert for him is a bowl
of creamy egg foo yung
He holds it with his hairy paws
and laps it with his tongue

For a snack, no doggy bones
it's crystalware for him
If you tried to wash a glass
He'd tear you limb from limb

I know you might be thinking
that this is a disgrace
At least I don't let doggy
lick me on the face.

Hi, I'm Rusty.  I'm a US Navy veteran -- nuclear powered missile submarines -- and I've been
associated with golf all my life, both as a player and a golf course superintendent.  

I started out writing poetry for friends and relatives, as gifts for birthdays or other
occasions.  Then I began writing other funny stuff, concentrating on poetry for children.  I
especially enjoy ending poems with an unexpected twist, or a punch line.  I have some of my work
on other
websites, but here, I'm comfortably "at home".

Years ago, I had the good fortune to meet online a wonderful person who also wrote poetry.  That
started my friendship with CJ.  Fortunately, she let me write a few poems with her, too, and
they're here somewhere.  I hope you enjoy reading my work.  ~Rusty  

Miss Moira

Miss Moira, Miss Moira,
won't you play with me?
Hey Miss Moira
climb my monkey tree.
We'll climb way high up in the sky
watch the pretty clouds go by.

Hey, Miss Moira, won't you play with me.
We'll have bananas for our lunch
pick the big ones from the bunch.
Swing all day from limb to limb
in our treetop jungle gym.

When we're done we'll climb back down
from our special monkey town.
It's time to rest and take a nap
on my monkey's furry lap.
When this day is gone and done
I'll dream about my Monkey Fun.

Hey Miss Moira
Come and play with me.

My Wondrous Sunshine Catching Machine

My Wondrous Sunshine Catching Machine
Gobbles rays of bright sunlight
Diskombobblebooblelates them
Just to use in darkest night

I am feeling pretty dumb
Eastern Standard Time has come
And it came as quite a shock
That I forgot to set my clock
I was always running late
But my machine would set me straight

I grabbed a bit of morning light
To dab it on the start of night
I tried to switch about one hour
But suddenly my plan went sour
It seems the switch was stuck on high
Now brightness fills the midnight sky

Bats now fly at 6 AM
Light of night is blinding them
Daylight dims as nighttime passes
Owls are wearing dark sunglasses
Sunrise starts my evening prayers
I am having day-nightmares
Dinner is a midnight snack
I'm now a nyctrophobiac
Coyotes howl at morning sun
What horrid change have I begun

No harm was meant to man or beast
But now my problems have increased
My machine has me outsmarted
I need to stop what I have started

My plan will have to wait till night
So there will be sufficient light
To flip the switch and make the climb
Out of Daylight Savings Time

Never an Every

If you never had an every
every thing would be all gone.
And never every would you have
a never every one.

Every one from every where
would have no place to go.
With never every nothing to think
and never nothing to know.

If every day were to go away
tomorrow would never be.
You would be stuck in for never
and the never every sea.

In the sea of never
there's only one of you.
There's no never every things
and never nothing to do.

It's lonely in the never
there's never nothing there.
You only go to no place
and never every where.

Don't call for help in the never
there is never ever a sound
You'll sink into the never
and never every be found.

never every.

Letter Be Quiet

If we didn't have an alphabet
You'd be as quiet as you could get.
You couldn't speak, spake, or spoke
Or even make a froggy croak.

That little pile of letter stew,
All jumbled up inside of you
Won't make up a speakable set
Of words without an alphabet.

So, jump up and down and side to side
And see if you can make them slide
Into their place from A to Z,
So you can have a talk with me.
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