I Love Bugs

I love teeny tiny ants
and itchy bitsy fleas,
spiders, big and little,
and grouchy grumble bees,

butterflies that flutter by,
and beetles when they run
from marching caterpillars.
I think bugs are fun!

Skeeters like to bite me,
but lightning bugs, they don’t,
and flies that get inside the house
could bite, but they won’t.

Silly racing centipedes
and slow and slimy slugs
are my very special favorites.
I      love      bugs.


Fuzzy caterpillar
with your million-jillion feet,
how do you know which foot should go
as you're walking on that leaf?

You make it look so easy,
right-left-right, the way you do,
sometimes MY feet get tangled up
and I have only TWO ...

Help! Monsters!

Help!   Monsters in my closet.
Monsters  in the hall.
Monsters underneath my bed
and Monsters  in the wall.

Monsters  'hind my bedroom door.
They’re in the bathroom, too.
I know they're ugly green ones,
maybe even red or blue!

My bed feels like an island
with the monsters everywhere
... til Mommy says goodnight to them,
then they all just  disappear.

That brief period of childhood when everything is either black
or white, a time of Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny, and the
grey area hasn't yet begun.  A time when Mommy and Daddy
are the good guys, pretending is a profession, and bugs are,
well, just smaller friends ...  

Read some excerpts below

This is an audio file of "The Swinging
Song."  Uh huh, I'm the one singing it ...

"May you always see the world through the eyes of a child." ~CJ Heck


"I was so excited to receive this book for my daughter. We have had the book for a little over a week and we've read it
many times.  It's geared so well toward small children. All of the poems are the perfect length for wiggly little ones --
just long enough to hold their attention and make them giggle. "Me Too!" is a wonderful addition to our library and I
would highly recommend it to anyone with small children." ~Sarah (Missouri)

"5 stars - Amazing Preschool Poetry!
My children and I giggle as we read each of the poems and we deep belly laugh at the Broccoli poem, because who truly
loves broccoli?  If you have young children or are a young child in spirit, this is the perfect poetry book for you!" ~Dani

"A Kid's Review
I really enjoyed reading this. It is really good for pre K through 1st grade. I thought the poems were entertaining. The
poems made me feel happy, especially the ones that sound "pretty." The funny poems made me smile and laugh. I am glad I
was able to read these and give you my review. Thank you!" ~Alyssa from Colorado

Bumble Bee

Today I watched a bumble bee.
He was on a pretty rose.
When I leaned in to look at him,
he stung me on my nose!

I wasn't going to squish him,
only watch and see ...
but I'll never get that close again
to a grouchy grumble bee.

Bedtime Prayer

Now I lay me
Down in bed.

All my prayers
and night-nights said.

Snuggle bunny, teddy bear,
toasty blankie, all are here.

Out with the light
so dreams will come.

Thank you, God.
Now, where's my thumb?



Blankie was made to be slept with.
Blankie was made to be hugged.
Blankie cares when mom and dad can't be there
'cause blankie was made to give love.

I sure do miss mine when it's in the wash,
(blankie gets dirty, you see)
'cause everywhere I go, blankie goes, too,
with mommy and daddy and me.

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A Sample of What's Inside!

The Swinging Song

Bye oh bye up,
bye oh bye down.
Bye oh bye feet,
way off the ground.

Swing-ing, swing-ing,
I love swing-ing.

Bye oh bye high,
bye oh bye low.
Bye oh bye faster,
look at me go.

Swing-ing, swing-ing,
I love swing-ing.

Bye oh bye fly
up to the sky.
Bye oh bye push me
higher than high.

Swing-ing, swing-ing,
I love swing-ing.

Bye oh bye eyes
are closing now
bye oh bye head
is nodding down

Swing-ing, swing-ing,
I love swing-ing.

Bye oh bye gently,
bye oh bye slow,
bye oh bye, shhhhh,
To    sleep    I    go.

(whispering as swing slows down)

Swing-ing, swing-ing,




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