Letters from Schools and Libraries

Dear CJ,
The children loved your presentations.  It was such a delight getting to finally meet you.  
Please feel free to use our school in your references list.  Once again, I so enjoyed hearing
your poetry and getting to know you.  Keep in touch.
Cindy Myra, Literacy Coordinator
Julia Bancroft School
Auburn MA

Dear Ms. Heck,
Thank you so very much for donating a copy of your poetry book, "Barking Spiders" to the
Peter Woodbury School Library.  I took it home for my family to review -- they are my
guinea pigs, you see.  I can assure you, it was enjoyed by all, but most especially by my ten
year-old.  He was quite pleased that someone had the nerve to name a book after his
favorite bodily function!

"Barking Spiders" has come just in time to be included in our poetry study during the month
of February.  As a school, we'll be reading a myriad of poems (happily including yours) and
then celebrating poetry with a school-wide poetry contest.

Again, thank you.  It's wonderful for the students to have exposure to great local talent
and the possibility of encountering you, by chance, here in Bedford. We hope you'll stop in

Mindy Beltramo
Peter Woodbury School Librarian
Bedford NH

Dear CJ,
Our daughter, Rachel, brought home your signed book, "Barking Spiders", yesterday.  She
attends Jewett Street School.  She asked that I read her the poems that had not been
read during the day.  They were wonderful!  I found them charming and very easy, even at
first reading, to read.  I will admit, after she went to bed, I went through and read the
rest of them!  We look forward to your next offering.
Dick Pacquin

Dear CJ,
discussion.  It is greatly appreciated.  Who knows, there may have been a budding children's
writer/poet among the audience that you inspired!  Best of luck to you and thanks again.

Debra Spratt
Wadleigh Memorial Library
Milford NH

Just a note to let you know how very thankful we are to you for generously sharing your
time and creative talents with the "Poolside Tales" summer outreach program.  On behalf of
children and families in Manchester, we thank you for all of your efforts in promoting
literacy!  Your poetry books are fantastic!!  You are one talented lady ...
Sheila M. Brisson
Summer Outreach Coordinator
Manchester School District

Dear CJ,
Your visit to Hallsville on April 10, made for a delightful, enjoyable day for both students
and teachers.  Laughter filled the library as you read and discussed your poetry.  Your
poems written for children from the child's point of view allowed our students to quickly
become connected to you!

You had requested that we have the children become familiar with your poetry prior to your
visit.  Thus evolved the 'morning poetry readings' from your book.  A student from each
room would practice one of your poems and then read it over the intercom.  this happened
each morning during 'poetry month' and prior to your visit.  to this day, the poetry reading
by students over the school's intercom has continued.

You were very gracious to show up at our 'Young Authors' Celebration" evening.  students
recognized you and felt pride as you walked around reading their works and chatting with
them.  Thank you.

We are already discussing next year's "Young Authors' Celebration".  And, as we had
discussed with you, we are hoping you can also become part of that week's celebration.  The
first week in April looks like the date for this event.  Hopefully, you are available during
that time.

Jim Davenport, Principal
Hallsville Elementary School
Manchester NH

Dear CJ.  
Your visit to Bow Elementary on April 20 was a great success.  I just got some pictures
back (enclosed) and you can see by the looks on the faces of the children how much they
enjoyed your presentations.  Your poetry seems to touch our funny bones and our hearts all
at the same time.  My personal favorite was "Gramma's Apron".  It carried so many visual
images and evoked wonderful thoughts and memories.

I appreciate your flexibility in scheduling, group size, and meeting locations.  It was very
helpful to me that you were willing to travel from room to room during your visit.  It was
great for me to get a chance to know you personally, too.  I feel like I've made a new

I have passed your name along to my husband, Marc, who will very likely contact you for a
school visit in Goffstown.  Thank you so much for your wonderful visit.  

I hope you will consider coming back to Bow next year to meet the younger half of our
school population.  I will be in touch with you in the fall to set something up.  I will email you
when your face graces our website in photography!

Best regards,
Karen Boyd
Bow Elementary School
Bow NH

Hi CJ!  
We really enjoyed having you at Campton and I'm sending you a letter to add to your
credits, but for now, I wanted to tell you about after you left.

A sixth grader came into my room after school and started telling me how much she enjoyed
your poem, "Gramma's Apron".  She said how she enjoyed your readings and all of a sudden,
she started crying.  I hugged her and she told me the poem made her think of her
grandmother who died three years ago.

Just wanted you to know, your poetry touched yet another heart.  Again, thanks for your
great job.

Julie Morton
Campton Elementary School
Campton NH
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