This is the sequel to "Barking Spiders (and Other Such Stuff) and it continues the journey to help children experience
life and find answers through poetry.   Written with  humor, sensitivity, and with the understanding that, like adults,
children wish to make sense of the world they live in -- and when it still doesn't make sense?  Well, that's okay, too,
because it
doesn't always make sense.
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Barking Spiders in Church

Those pesky barking spiders
followed me to church Sunday.
I tried to make them stay at home,
but they came anyway.

Then I did something naughty
'cause they were being bad.
When people turned and looked at me,
I pointed at my dad.

My World

In my dreams, all the oceans are chocolate
that I sail in my gummy bear boat.
The mountain, there, is a chocolate cake
with a waterfall to a root beer float.

Bubble gum berries grow wild here and there.
Tall pretzels are telephone poles.
Potato chips fall like crisp autumn leaves,
that I gather in sugar cone bowls.

In my garden, the trees all grow jelly beans
with every color they make, except black.
The leaves on the flowers are little green spoons
'cause the flowers bloom Jello Cup Snacks.

When it rains, the puddles are lemonade
and I swallow sweet drops from the sky.
In the winter, it ALWAYS snows popcorn,
so I make popcorn men seven feet high.

Chocolate chip cookies are stepping stones,
under soft, cotton candy pink clouds.
The sidewalks are made of red licorice sticks,
It all tastes just as good as it sounds.

If the world could be like my dreams ...
what an exciting place it would make
to have all of my favorites EVERYWHERE,
but NEVER a bad tummy ache.

Boy's View of Kissing

I like to kiss my mother,
sometimes my father, too.
My brother kisses
'cause that's what babies co.

I draw the line at Kissing
with mom and dad, that's cool,
but I run as fast as I can go
when the girls chase me at school ...

The Lighthouse

There's a lighthouse on an island
built on boulders in the sea.
A home to no one anymore,
but it's beautiful to me.

The waves come crashing, sending spray,
their salty drops rain down
blessing me and other people
and all the buildings in the town.

The lighthouse wakes at evening time
and its beacon comes around
protecting all the ships out there
so they don't run aground.

I sit and send my wishes
way up high on seagull wings
and then pretend that they'll come true
on notes the lighthouse sings.

That lighthouse must be magic ...
I hear it call to me
from its bed of boulders
on an island in the sea.


The snow was flaking all around,
then gently piling on the ground.

Such tiny puffs all floating free,
yet stuck together, I could see

it's like one voice that's singing for us,
or a lot, like in a chorus.

I rolled some up and stacked it high
and made a happy snowman guy.

I'm glad it's that way, just with snow,
and that's not how we children grow,

'cause on a warm and sunny day,
my snowman slowly melts away.

As he melts, he gets so thin.
I wish, like me, that he had skin.

The Clown

The day the circus came to town,
my favorite thing was the funny clown,
with his great big shoes,
and silly clothes, a painted face,
and his big red nose.

A giant smile was painted there.
I saw children laughing everywhere.
But I wondered as I looked at him,
was he frowning 'neath
his painted grin?

Sometimes, when I am feeling down,
I think about that funny clown,
ith his great big shoes,
and silly clothes, a painted face,
and his big red nose.

Then I put a smile on anyway,
and soon my frown just fades away,
like the day the circus came to town,
and I learned it watching
the funny clown.

To a Baby Firefly

Little baby firefly,
when your night is through,
does your mother tuck you in
and tell you she loves you?

Does she kiss your forehead
and say in morning's light ...
"Day-day little sleepyhead,
close your eyes, blink out your light."

Little Sister's Word

Little sisters are adorable.
We've tried to tell ours, though ...

You can have a lot of clothes,
but one dress is NOT a "clo".

"May you always see the world through the eyes of a child." ~CJ Heck

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Daddy's Boots

Daddy's Boots

Daddy left his boots for me
and here I have to stay.
My daddy is a soldier.
I’m in charge while he’s away.

In Daddy’s boots, I can pretend
that now I am the man
who does the things that Daddy does
as only Daddy can.

I help with little brother,
I help with folding clothes,
I help to take the trash out,
and I hope Daddy knows

that every day I wear his boots
so I’ll feel close to him.
I try to keep Mom happy,
till he comes home again.

I know that he’s protecting us,
that’s what soldiers do,
but his boots are way too big for me
and my job, being him, is too.

I wonder when he's coming home.
I miss him ALL the time.
Mom said Dad is proud of me
and his boots fit me, just fine.

Mama, Am I Pretty?

Mama, am I pretty?  
"Why do you ask?"  She said.
She held me gently to her
and kissed me lightly on my head.

"Your clothes are neatly ironed,
your face and hands are clean.
You're such a sweet child, little one,
what does your question mean?

Mama, am I pretty?
I really need to know.
Am I pretty like the other girls
at school where we all go?

"You have a very loving heart.
You're gentle, kind and good.
Your friends all think the world of you,
anybody would."

But Mama, am I pretty?
Sometimes kids point or stare.
I've got these real thick glasses
that I wish I didn't wear.

Mama said my time would come,
be patient and I'd see.
The things that really matter
were there, inside of me.

I didn't mean to shout ...
Then mama smiled and told me,
"Sweetheart, yes, inside and out."

Growing Things

Daddy planted grass seeds
and up popped new green grass.
When mommy planted flower seeds,
pretty flowers came up fast.

I don't understand it,
I planted my seeds, too.
My spot has lots of sunshine
and I watered, but nothing grew.

I guess it's something grownups know.
Maybe kids just can't plant seeds ...
'cause the bird seeds that I planted
didn't grow any birds for me.
Finally - The Sequel!


Six thumbs up!
We were very happy to learn that CJ had written a second volume. As a mom, grandma, and school librarian, I am always delighted to
find books for children that are entertaining, educational, and FUN to read; that you just need to read aloud and can't wait to share
with others. This one is all that but manages to stay above "too cutesy" or "talking down" to children.

The kids just know they like what's in there -- both the poems and the illustrations. My granddaughter had to get the first book out
again so she could re-read it and compare the two books to see if she "thought the second one was as good as the first one." She
declared that, indeed, it is. She took it it school to share with her friends and classmates.

Poetry is such a good way to get children interested in words and in reading..CJ's books are fun ones to add to your collection. Two
thumbs up from each of the three of us! ~jot2000

"I just have to say, your book came today, and during my 18 year-old daughter's birthday party tonight, she shared many of the
poems.  We laughed so hard at a few -- my father thought the belly bubble one should be a bumper sticker!   This will be my daily
reading for today again because it is just too good to put down so soon! THANKS!  We all are enjoying it, ages 10 to 70." ~D
Woodward Wells

"In this follow up to her popular first book, Barking Spiders and other Such Stuff, CJ cultivates and enriches the innocent spirit
within us all. As your child hears you read, a parent is transported in heart and feelings to the simpler and more innocent time of
youth. The two hearts bridge the gap of age and meet in the middle, where heart and soul are eternally young." ~Magic Man

"We all know, the mind of a child is something we'll never fully understand. However, CJ Heck has written three books that prove
she is the master of a child's illogical, logic, a child's innocence, their unfiltered honesty and boundless love.  Barking Spiders,
Barking Spiders 2, and Me Too! Pre-school Poetry all sit on my bookshelf waiting for me to read to my grandchildren. If a child has
thought about it, CJ has written about it. No matter how many times I read CJ's poetry, I am amazed at how well it correlates to
watching the antics of my children and grandchildren.   The good news is that us grown-ups enjoy CJ's writing as much as the
children. Enjoy the laughter, wonder and joy of a child. Read CJ Heck." ~Russell Daily

A Kid's Review
"The book had great poems. Each poem painted a picture for me. The words made them come to life. As I read them I felt like I was
right there. Also, the variety of the poems made them more interesting. No poems seemed like any of the others. I am happy I got to
read the book. Thank you!" ~Alyssa from Colorado

"CJ did it, again! I fell in love with Barking Spiders and Other Such Stuff, almost 5 years ago. I recently received the sequel,
Barking Spiders 2, and fell in love with it, too, after the first reading. CJ has really touched my heart with her writing. I truly see
myself, and my children, in her poetry. This is a great book, and I highly recommend it to anyone to anyone with children or has a
young heart of their own."

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